Advances in Dentistry

Dentistry changes daily and we are always trying to remain on the forefront of technology. Recent additions to the techniques we use in the office include the MIS Implant System which also includes the surgical placement of the implants.

While keeping all aspects of implant Dentistry “in house” and using Dr. Hertz’s Delineator patent we can greatly reduce the cost of the implants to our patients.

Most recent is the addition of mini implants which allow for the same day stabilization of using partials and full dentures.

Do your dentures slip and move?  

Only a single short appointment is required to stabilize and secure most dentures! 


Dear Patients,
It's ready! Dr. Hertz bleaching process is a go.
This tooth brightening procedure is faster, easier with no sensitivity and best of all 1/3 the price.
Professional in office tooth brightening for $200.
The process is at least as effective without the potential for chemical burns or the sensitivity associated with the old style bleaching.
All that is required Is a recent check up and cleaning to assure no active disease is present and then the bleaching can be done. This brightening process can even be done the same day as a cleaning visit.
Come in and give it a try!


Paul M. Hertz DMD FACD


My second patent is in implant dentistry. It has proven very sucessful and created a real buzz in the industry! Currently it is being advertised in several major trade journals and is being used by some of the primier Dentists and clinics in the country.

Dr. Hertz recently had a feature written about him in "Fine Arts Magazine"  Spring 2011 Edition!

He also showed several of his paintings at the "International Art Expo" at Pier 94 in March 2011!




Dr. Hertz Implant Patent

The delineator is a multipurpose implant device which saves the prosthetic dentist time, makes the oral surgeon's job easier and minimizes laboratory steps.
This all leads to the most important advantage of Dr. Hertz implant appliance. It reduces the number of visits, the length of time of each visit and significantly reduces the cost of having the implant placed.
This is a win-win for everybody and hopefully will catch on nationally and worldwide.


Dr. Hertz Tooth Whitening Patent

This is a brand new technology in tooth whitening addresses many of the negatives of the old process.
There are currently hundreds of tooth bleaching companies and products available with basically the same chemical formulas.
Dr. Hertz's process uses a new proprietary chemistry that reduces the time the process takes, eliminates the sensitivity, removes chance of chemical burns, is at least as effective and costs less.
Try it today!